Things that caught my attention from the script:
1. Lacey referring to Jo as a puppy dog, and Danny thinking it’s harsh. We find out later on in the season that he described Jo as a “shy puppy dog” in his journal while in Juvie.
2. We finally found out what Danny whispered to Scott at the party. So Scott wasn’t lying, technically. Knowing this, it kinda changes the way the rest of the show in 1A was in regards to the Archie/Scott/Danny dynamic. Maybe Danny really wasn’t a victim, maybe he was really as manipulative as it seemed but Scott and Archie just weren’t able to prove it.
3. Danny and Lacey were originally supposed to be lying on the floor together after their talk. I wonder why they changed it. I mean, we were all talking about how rude Danny was for taking the bed and making her sleep on the floor. Him sleeping on the floor too would’ve been less rude (and pretty adorable).

So many changes that would’ve made the show better. I’m starting to think Fear was a major reason



After reading the original script for Twisted that was originally titled Socio, the things that really stuck out to me were,

1. Danny seemed to be manipulating Jo from the very beginning. The way he just seemed to pop up out of nowhere and wrap her around his finger really stuck out to me. I…

I’ve always thought that he was pretty clear in his interviews in the beginning how he wanted the show to go